Sun's Rising

The Enemy of an Enemy

In which a lady speaks, and a bargain is struck

Our heroes returned slowly to Great Forks, torn by their half-victory over Typhon. The slaves had been saved from a terrifying fate, yet Cymbele’s son was lost to her once more and despair threatened to consume her. At last, the Circle resolved to that to learn more of the Mask of Winters they must seek aid from a most unlikely source, the Walker in Darkness. A Deathlord would surely know much about another Deathlord, and he was, if not a true ally, at least neutral towards them while having been troubled by the Mask of Winters in the past. And so they sent an overture to the Herald of the Final Rest, and having been granted audience, they set out, return ing to the shadowlands over which he held sway in the name of his master. When they met the Herald again, he seemed to be recovering, though he still hid his right arm from view and pointedly refused to discuss the girl, whom Tien Shan had determined to be his younger sister. He was cordial but distant, urging them to continue on into the Underworld, to the dead city at which the Walker was currently holding court.

And so our heroes journeyed on into that sunless realm. One night as they slept, Tien Shan and Arrius were both visited by a lady in green, who spoke to them in half-prophetic riddles, teasing them with the sense of truths just beyond their grasp. They spoke but little of thier dreams, and the Circle pressed on. They were welcomed with ceremony and honor to the Walker’s court, but were left shaken by the cold power of his presense in their first meeting with him. More surprising was his consort, the Green Lady, and the woman from whom Arrius and Tien Shan had seen in their dreams. She purported to be a double-agent to the Mask of Winters, and most disturbingly, a Sidereal Exalted. When pressed on the matter she claimed to have no knowledge of the dreams Tien Shan and Arrius had experienced, and even Arrius’s Solar power could not show her to be lying.

Eventually they came to why they had sought the Walker in Darkness and he did agree to lend them some aid. He offered intelligence and updates as to the Mask of Winter’s actions, as well as a mpa from the First Age, showing many lost things, as well as a way into Thorns by way of the fabled Gates of Auspicious Passage. In exchange however, he asked that Arrius build for him a suit of mystically powered armor, based on First Age plans which he claimed his artisans could not duplicate. He asked that they be delivered two years from that day, to which the Circle agreed, binding the oath with Pax’s sacred power. And so, hard-won knowledge in hand, they set out for home. They had what they sought, yet were filled with foreboding at what, in the end, it would come to cost them…



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