Creation is the world, an island of stability in the endless sea of the Wyld.

It is not round, but flat, with each of the cardinal directions governed by one of the five elements, and leading finally to one of the Elemental Poles. Beyond the frozen North lies the Elemental Pole of Air. Past the great Western Ocean is the Elemental Pole of Water. In the depths of the Southern desert sits the Elemental Pole of Fire. To the uttermost East is the Elemental Pole of Wood. In the center of Creation, on the Blessed Isle, sits Mount Meru, called the Imperial Mountain, the elemental Pole of Earth, and literal axis mundi of Creation.

Life in Creation is hard for most mortals, though long an consistent growing seasons mean that even in the frozen north and burning south there is food, and usually in sufficient plenty to support standing armies of varying sizes. Technological levels vary between what we would call late Stone Age and late Iron Age, with most major cities roughly equivalent to the later Dark ages. Essence wielders and artifacts of the First Age are able to exceed this of course, sometimes reaching well beyond “modern” technology. Magic is like that.

There are five seasons, corresponding to each of the five elements, and three months per season, Ascending, Resplendent, and Descending. A month is five weeks long, a week is seven days, and a day is 24 hours. Besides the five months of the year, there are also the five days of Calibration, which is outside the normal year, and many rules of Creation are different then. Particularly, other realms are closer to Creation, and so travel to Heaven, Hell, or the Underworld is much easier, with particular gates opening, and passage to the Underworld possible through places other than a shadowland


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