Sun's Rising

A Walk in Shadows

In which a new player takes the stage, and an enemy takes shape

On returning to Great Forks, the Circle returned to the home of Hidden Path. Once again, Arrius and Tien Shan were berated for their carelessness. They had revealed their true natures to an entire town, making no effort to conceal themselves, fighting demons on public streets. He seemed inordinately upset by the whole thing. Before he could finish, word came from Shield of a Different Day. The Walker in Darkness had consented to her request, and she asked that the Circle act on her behalf, journeying into the shadowland to meet with his representative, and eventually to interrogate the so-called spies he had captured.

And so they journeyed, eventually reaching the shadowland. Forced to continue on foot due to a long-standing curse on the land that slays all mortal beings, they ventured inward, eventually coming to a village entirely populated by the dead. It was there that they met the representative of the Walker in Darkness, a deathknight known as the Herald of the Final Rest. After an evening meal and a rest at the inn, he lead our heroes into the Underworld, passing through a ghost-city. While there, the Circle was joined by Searol Banek, a man who claimed that he was sent to aid Arrius, who would, with time, reveal himself to be a Sidereal Exalted. He joined our heroes as they resumed their journey, finally reaching the shadowland where the “spies” were held.

Interrogating them to any true statements proved all but impossible, as they were bound by powerful magic, which Arrius realized was both like and unlike the power of sorcery. Still, our heroes were able to reveal that their true employer was not Great Forks, but the Mask of Winters. He sought to engineer a war with the Walker in Darkness, and thus weaken two of his rivals. Our heroes bore this word back to Great Forks, with the good wishes of the Herald, and many questions about his true nature…



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