Sun's Rising

In the Name of the Son

In which a trail grows warm

Upon their return to Great Forks, our heroes found themselves with time on their hands. Most occupied themselves with work and training, while Cybele continued her search for her lost son. In time, she found a long-sought lead, telling her the family she pursued had taken ship downriver to the city of Nexus. and so at her request did they all set out, journeying down river with all haste, and setting out to search the city.

It was at this point that the Circle received unlooked-for aid. Herald of the Final Rest appraoched them on their first night in Nexus. Claiming that his master’s interests once again follwed that of the Circle, he revealed that the family Cybele sought had joind a convoy bound for the city of Thorns, the capital of the Mask of Winters, perhaps hoping from there to continue on to the Blessed Isle. His master wished this convoy stopped, and was confident that doing so would also be in the best interests of Great Forks. In this working together all of their goals could be satisfied. The Herald swore to help in any way he could, but said his actions were constrained by certain concerns he was not free to discuss. Still, he guided our heroes to finding the warehouse in which the caravan now stayed.

p.Upon investigation, our heroes found that the main component of the shipment was in fact children. As they wondered over this fact, they heard as the children broke into the most wonderous song. Listening, enraptured, Tien Shan suddenly felt a surge of ancient memory, becoming lost in a time when he wore a different body, but had heard that same song. It was for some form of ritual, he told his friends, one that would surely mean the death, and worse than death, for the children there. All agreed that this shipment must be stopped. And so our heroes began to plan…



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