Sun's Rising

To Aid a Goddess

In which we meet a new friend

Our heroes found themselves summoned before Shield of a Different Day. There she had a request to make. She had no great love for the Solar Exalted, but was willing to make no issue of their stay in Great Forks, in exchange for their aid. The armies of the Deathlord known as the Walker in Darkness had been launching ever-stronger raids into Great Forks territory, but the pattern was somehow wrong. She asked that the Circle investigate, and see if they could ascertain the true nature of these attacks.

After consulting Hidden Path, our heroes agreed, and so set forth to one of several sites where undead forces had been observed. After reaching the village of Three Goats Dancing, they encountered a young man named Pax. Gradually it became clear that he was like them, and so he agreed to aid them in their mission, in the hopes of better understanding his own nature. And so did three become four. Eventually, they faced down a necromancer and a deathknight within the confines of a Solar tomb. Slaying the deathknight, the Circle took the necromancer prisoner, and brought him back to Great Forks. There, under interrogation it was revealed that the raids had been retaliatory in nature, a response to actions supposedly taken by Great Forks. He claimed that the Walker’s forces had captured spies of Great Forks within their territory, though Dayshield denied any such action. She dispatched a messenger to the Walker in Darkness, requesting that her chosen envoys should have a chance to interrogate these spies. She then thanked the Circle for their aid, and resolved to await a reply…



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