Sun's Rising

Well Met in Great Forks

In which our heroes take the stage

In this session, we met the first members of our young Circle. Arrius and Tien Shan, students of the gruff and mysterious Hidden Path, had settled within the city of Great Forks. At the same time, the wandering Cybele was within the city, searching for her lost son. On the night on which our adventure openned, cries of alarm and terror were suddenly heard throughout the city, as war ghost appeared, slaughtering the innocent even as a zomobie horde assaulted the main gates.

Arrius and Tien Shan rushed to the gates to help hold them, even as, all unbeknownst to them, Cybele battled against a group of war ghosts. After destroying this lesser group, she rushed to the gate, there to help stave off the main assault. The battle raged fierce and long, forcing our heroes to bring their supernatural might to bear, until the light of their animas shone about them like a three-fold sun. Finally the dead were cast back, and in the distance, the Circle could make out a shadowed figure on horseback speaking to another on foot. Even as they watched, both figures vaished into the gloom.

After introductions, Cymbele accompanied the others back to the home of Hidden Path, who was outraged that his students should have revealed their Exalted nature to public scrutiny. Even as he berated them, a messenger arrived. Our heroes had been summoned…



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